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Creating built environments to foster healthy living

Health by Design is a collaboration of committed individuals and organizations working to achieve policy, systems and
environmental changes that will better integrate physical activity into Hoosiers’ lives. Our focus is on how we can shape the
built environment to promote active, healthy living for Hoosiers of all ages and abilities.

Your support – financial and in-kind – helps us to provide education to citizens, civic leaders and policy makers on the
importance of transportation options and wise land use in creating thriving downtowns and neighborhoods. Your contributions
– large and small – allow us to advocate for the positive changes that will yield healthy, vibrant communities. We need your
assistance to conduct our education, advocacy and event activities and to accomplish our coalition goals.

Please make your donation today, making your check payable to the Alliance for Health Promotion and mailing it to the
address below.

Health by Design is an initiative of the Alliance for Health Promotion, a 501(c)(3) organization.

For more information on how to donate to Health by Design, please contact us at or
by calling 317-622-4820.

Health by Design
c/o Alliance for Health Promotion
615 N. Alabama Street
Suite 426
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1434

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